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Young Adult Series

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There are a number of new stories just waiting to come to life.

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Escape from St. David's

Wylder is an 18-year-old girl who finds herself in St. David's, the local cemetery in her small country town. When she meets a young girl who's been at St. David's for 200 years, she is shown a secret passage to another world. Wilder longs for the life that was taken from her, but each time she tries to leave St. David's without her new friend, she finds herself in a terrifying place. 

Wilder does not know she is just one of the warriors who will be needed in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Will she acquire the skills necessary to unlock the secrets to the afterlife before it's too late?


This bold look at the complexities that are left unresolved when a life is interrupted by death, bringing hope to anyone who has lost a loved one, and providing a glimpse into a life after death.

The Devil's Playground

When the secret passageway to heaven in St. David’s close forever, Wylder sees her friend Greg is trapped on the wrong side. As she plans to rescue her friend, Greg discovers a plot from the devil to take over heaven. Together they must recruit souls to help fight for an eternity of love and peace. They will need an army of GOOD to win the battle against EVIL, a battle to the death. But first, they must find a way to get Greg out of St. David’s.

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Good vs Evil

There is good and evil in everyone

When it comes to The End Times, no one knows what religion has it right, or what will get a soul into heaven. Wylder discovers that ticket to heaven may not be the religion of a soul, but instead decided by those souls who choose to do good vs. those who stand by and do nothing in the face of evil.
Everyone must choose a side, winner take all.

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